CliqueBook is a paid to click advertising service launched in Nov 2015.
CliqueBook is one of the Site from CliqueGroup. It has two other sister. sites named has "Cliquesteria" and "UniClique".
Admin is trusted and Experienced.
Members can earn from CliqueGrid, Crack the vault, Persona, KiwiWall, Adclick Wall, AdcentMedia Wall, Offertoro Offer wall, Offer4all, Offer4all Ads, Daily Survey, WANNADS Offerwall, OfferDaddy Offerwall, Super Reward offerWall, PTSU, Minutestaff, ClixWall, PTCWall...!
CliqueBook has wide range of Advertsing Options for Advertisers like Startup Ads, TrafficExchange..!

Members can earn money there simply by clicking on displayed advertisements. Members can also earn by referring other people(Direct Referrals) or by renting other members(Rented Referrals).
► Pay Per Click = $0.0025, Pay Per DR click = $0.0015. Payment Processors = Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, STP , BitCoin. Min Payout = $2

Is CliqueBook a Legit PTC site?
Yes - CliqueBook is a Legit PTC site and it is Paying Instantly since 2 years.

Is CliqueBook a Paying PTC site?
Yes - You will find Payment Proofs from their member on their forum.

Is CliqueBook Scam?
No - As of now CliqueBook is paying and cannot be called as a scam.

Is CliqueBook suspected or are there any complaints about it?
As of now, there are no complaints about CliqueBook. If you suspect CliqueBook and have any complaints about it then please comment below.
Cliquebook Admin – who is the person behind Cliquebook?

Cliquebook launch date is in November 2015 by Nikolay Kosturkov from Bulgaria. In time passed, Cliquebook has managed to grow its members base to more than 63,000 users. The amount of all withdrawals exceeds $72,000, so the website is on the right path.
How Does it Exactly Work?

Those of you who have had experience with sites likes Clixsense or Neobux will know what to expect from this site. But for the benefit of the benefit of newcomers, I will do brief explanation here.
The main focus for PTC sites is the clicking and viewing of advertisements. Basically, business owners(advertisers) will pay Cliquebook to advertise their program/products. A small percentage of the money will be taken up by the website while the remaining will be evenly distributed as a token of appreciation for members who click on the ads.
How much money can you make from each click? Well, frankly speaking… not much at all. You are literally being paid pennies if you ask me. As a free member, most of the ads available to you are worth between $0.0001 to $0.001. Of course, you can choose to upgrade your account to increase the earning to $0.025 per click.
Even then, these high paying ads are limited in numbers. At most if you are lucky, you could get to click one or two per day.
Is this worth it?
In my opinion, it’s absolutely not!
These ads are worth so less that they don’t justify your time spent at all. You could be spending 20 to 30 minutes clicking on these ads and not making even $0.10 a day. I have been greatly involved in such sites when I first started my online venture so from experience I could tell you they aren’t worth it.
Furthermore, there is always risks of not getting paid when dealing with sites like this. You could have put in lots of hard work, but once you reached the cashout limit, they might not pay you as promised.

how to put your earnings in your wallet?

After you have gained a decent amount, you can withdraw it to your wallet in Payza, Payeer, Perfect Money, Skrill, Solidtrustpay, and Bitcoins.
You must reach the minimum withdrawal amount which is currently at $5.

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