How can i earn money of ptc trusted site GPTPlanet Review

GPTPlanet Review – Description

GPTPlanet is PTC program which is running on EvolutionScript script and it is owned and managed by the same owner of Scarlet-Clicks. GPTPlanet initially started as Aurora site, but later they switched to the EvolutionScript script and introduced some features from the Bux model, such as rented referrals and expensive upgrades. GPT PLanet offers you opportunity to earn extra money by viewing advertisements, completing signup offers or by referring others in your downline and earn a percentage of their earnings. GPT Planet has been online for since October 2010 and so far the site is doing well, paying on time and have no other major problems. We have moved GPT Planet from the Legit list to our Established PTC Sites list.
GPT Planet Review and Scarlet Clicks Review – Is it Scam or Legit?

After we test for more than 3 years, we finally come to the conclusion for not recommending GPTPlanet and Scarlet clicks although it is paying because it's not a good platform to earn money online. Both GPTPlanet and ScarletClicks are PTC sites and you can find why we don't recommend any PTC sites anymore by clicking this link

We even can't expect to earn a pocket money from PTC sites. More than that, we can lose money instead of earning from rented referrals of PTC sites. So, if you are looking for full time online income, then stay away form PTC sites. Instead, you can take a look at the list of legit online works and businesses by clicking this link.

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How To Earn At GPTPlanet

View Ads

The main way to earn is by viewing ads. You’ll see a long list of ads to view. Click on an ad, and it opens in a new tab. Stay on the page for the required time and enter the captcha to earn. Once you’re done, click on another ad and complete the process.
Most ads pay $.001 or less and require you to stay on the page for 10 seconds or less. They usually have 30-50 ads available all the time.
GPT Grid

This is a game where you click on a square, view an ad, and have the chance of winning up to $1. Viewing the ad is the same process described above, but you won’t always earn money.
As a free member, you’ll get ten chances a day.

PTSU stands for Paid to sign up and is similar to offers on other sites. You get paid $.25-$2 to sign up for survey sites and mailing lists. Some of the offers require you to make a purchase or sign up for a trial. These usually pay $2-$10.

GPT Planet Complaints

Small Income

As mentioned, you’ll earn under $.01 per ad, so this is just extra income. Luckily they have a low cash out amount, but it still won’t be a big income.
If you’re interested in a small income, you should be happy and make sure to check out the other extra income sites I recommend.

Paid Accounts

For some reason, most PTC sites offer paid memberships, but it’s not a requirement. You can make money with a completely free account and get paid.
The paid accounts are not an advantage if you’re just clicking on ads. There’re advantages if you plan on buying and renting referrals, but either way, I don’t recommend paying for an extra income site!

Rent/Buy Referrals

Again, most PTC sites let you buy and rent referrals. It can be profitable, but there’s a chance the referrals you pay for won’t earn you enough to break even.
I don’t recommend renting or buying referrals. Just refer your friends and others for free.
Traffic Exchange
If you plan on using this site to drive traffic to your website, make sure to take this into consideration. If you’re struggling to get traffic to your site, PTC sites may seem like a good option, but they’re not.
You’ll send untargeted traffic to your website, which has no interest in what you say or promoting. They just want to stay on the site for a few seconds and earn money. Almost all the traffic you send won’t interact with your content, which means you won’t make money.
Check out Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to drive traffic to your site for free, and they’ll actually earn you money!