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FamilyClix has created in 2014 and also is in this TOP list. Even now i continue to use it. To transfer earned money, just must reach minimum of 2 dollars. Please note, each new user can take advantage. It's worth to checking out.

FamilyClix Rented Referrals PTC Strategy

Clickers who are reading and following our blog knows that I have personally always recommended ScarletClicks as the best PTC site to start with rented referrals.
However if I have to select today one particular site which I would recommend to everyone who is starting with rented referrals it would definitely be FamilyClix and there is at least four good reasons for that:

Members can start renting referrals and be in profit even as free member
Quality of rented referrals
Easy to manage rented referrals
Very affordable upgrades

Generally speaking, FamilyClix rented referrals are active, with stable and profitable AVG.
But most of all, they are SUPER EASY to manage. All rented referrals will have very similar AVG that will gravitate around 0.7.
That is desirable AVG and you will be in small profit (1c) even without long extension (0.7◊30 days=$0.21) and even as a free member.
With discount that comes with long extensions your profit will be maximized.

Here is table that shows what average will cover cost of RR based on extensions.
I want to repeat one more time that all rented referrals will have AVG around 0.7.

FamilyClix Strategy Charts

You donít have to recycle inactive rented referrals.
System will autorecycle inactive referrals for free after 5 days and this will work very fine.
So nothing to worry about. Itís not brain breaker and anyone can do it easily.

All you have to do is to extend RR as longer as you can.

In the beginning you can enable autopay but be sure that you have some funds on purchase balance or autopay will not work.
Once you can extend majority of rented referrals for 60-90+ days you can turn off autopay.

Itís good to know that FamilyClix is one of very few PTC Sites that have same rate per rented referral clicks for free and for upgraded members and itís 0.01$ per click.
This is really rare case in PTC world and it gives opportunity to everyone to start building business even if you canít afford to invest any money.
It will take long time till you reach certain amount to rent more than few RR from your own clicks only and to be honest itís wasting of your time.
Small initial investment of letís say 10$-$20 will significantly speed up earning process.
Personally, I suggest to rent smaller packages but to extend them for minimum 90 days. It all depend from your investment ability but itís advised to extend existing RR for long time and then to rent new package.

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