FamilyClix PTC Strategy Upgrades section 3 of Best Strategy

FamilyClix PTC Strategy Upgrades section 3 of Best FamilyClix PTC Strategy

As a free member you will have low limit in renting referrals and once you see how well FamilyClix rented referrals perform I am sure you would like to have some more.
This brings us to FamilyClix Upgrades where we have good news again.
FamilyClix upgrades are reasonable, affordable and one of the cheapest among PTC sites in general.
Starting at only $2.5 per month an upgrade will give you access to more ads including 6 ads of $0.01 value.
If you want to click as much ads as possible then you should start clicking (from bottom to top) right after server reset.
There is many ads to click that have certain daily limit and once the limit is reached those ads will not appear during day anymore.
So, if you want more ads to click start clicking right after daily reset.
All this ads will accumulate enough to cover upgrade but much more important is that an upgrade will lift your rented referrals limit to 200/500.
FamilyClix upgrades are generally speaking “direct referrals oriented”.
Upgrades makes differences in direct referral clicks value and regarding rented referrals rate is same for all memberships but there are differences between maximum numbers of rented referrals.
For first year it will be enough to take Sister Yearly Upgrade under very reasonable price of $25/year.
This upgrade will allow you to rent up to 400 referrals.
It will take time till you generate enough earnings to extend all of them for at least 90 days so this upgrade will be enough for first year and you will be able to make nice profit.

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