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FamilyClix PTC Strategy My Personal Stats

Here are my personal stats at the moment so you can have better scope into earning potential of FamilyClix.
Total investments $220
Pending $19
Yearly upgrade expire in 3 months (December)
This is my first yearly upgrade and all earnings are from last 14 months so I double my investment and have 500 extended referrals for that period.
Rented Referrals 500: 150 from 150-240 days; 200 60-100 days

strategy you can expect this AVG

Following this easy FamilyClix PTC strategy you can expect this AVG:

App 2430 clicks in last 7 days from 500 rented referrals makes an avg of 0.6942
It means that members will be in profit with any extension but as we say the longer the better.
Do not let rented referrals with low average to expire. It will cost you up to 5 cents/referral depending of your membership.
Just extend them as they are performing normally and if needed system will replace them after 5 days for free.
As we say this works very fine.
500 RR will generate about $3.30-$3.50 per day + about $0.10 from your own clicks

FamilyClix PTC Strategy Payments

One of the fastest payments among all PTC Sites usually done in 48-72 hours.
I have received money every time on time for 32 times till now in last 14 months.
As a free member best will be to ask your payment right after site reset because there is certain daily limit of free withdrawals.
For upgraded members there is no such restriction and you can ask payment any time each 7 days.
Maximum amount that members can withdraw depend on membership.
FamilyClix is accepting payza, bitcoins, payeer, perfect money and solid trust.
Minimum payout is $2

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