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FamilyClix PTC Strategy Shares

Shares are another way to earn money on FamilyClix.
It is also good option for those who already reached RR limit but they want to invest (reinvest) some more.
You can buy shares for $5. Each share will generate $0.06 per day making $6 in total after 100 days.
For every shares package you will receive 200 PTC credits as an extra bonus.

FamilyClix PTC Startegy Summary

As we say at the beginning of this article we are happy that we have recognized potential and introduced FamilyClix to our members relatively early.
It is site which, by my personal opinion, make the biggest progress in 2017 and become an elite site with fast growing membership.
Several unique features, motivational referral rewards system, on time payments, affordable advertising, shares investment opportunity, respectful online reputation and professional team behind FamilyClix should be enough reasons for every PTC clicker to give a try with FamilyClix.
For the end its important to say that FamilyClix have creative, professional and very active admin as well as always friendly and fast responsive support.
We wish happy earnings to our members and happy 3rd birthday to FamilyClix.

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